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About ABIN Africa

Delivering Endless Opportunities

Connecting Africa to the world.

ABIN is a business and investment portal which aims to bring investors across the world together with Business and investment opportunities in Africa. Our target is not only to increase foreign direct Investment and business partnership between Africa and the rest of the world but to equally deepen cross-country business and investment activities by African people across the continent.

Our mission is to help boost economic growth on the continent by facilitating access to credible business opportunities.

How it works

To put it in context this is how ABIN works; Abin is a business and investment hub for Africa. We make the facility available for people with business opportunities in Africa to list their opportunities. once an opportunity is listed we make it available to the business community across the world. So let say you are a professional investor based in China, Belgium or South Africa considering investment and other business opportunities in any of the regions in Africa Abin provides you the platform to look for credible business opportunities across Africa and to connect to the people behind those opportunities. Simple and straightforward.

Why we started

Significant growth.

The last decade has been very significant for governance across the continent. A lot of countries have seen successive transitions in government through peaceful means. This has created stable business environment for economic developments. We are already seeing some good success stories in the regions.

The next challenge is how to tend this gains into economic freedom and social justice. At ABIN we believe the way round this is by increasing Business and investment activities across the regions in a way that creates opportunities for people to have the choice to live a decent life. As an economic bloc Africa is still an emerging market. There are huge economic opportunities with big profit margins waiting to be tapped in. Part of the difficulty is that most of this opportunities have not been articulated in a way that make them visible enough for potential investors to take advantage which is why ABIN is here.

We want to create the platform for even the remote business opportunities out there to have a chance to access capital and business contacts across the world.

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